Monday, September 22, 2008

Anatomy for Artists

Anthony Apesos was my painting teacher in my last semester in art school. I fine tuned almost everything I know about oil painting in his class and learned so much more as well. Maybe its because he was my teacher that I held off in buying his book on artistic anatomy titled "Anatomy for Artists: a new approach to discovering, learning, and remembering the body." I've read or skimmed about 20 some odd books on human anatomy. Some blow me away (as do their price tag, yikes) and some i quickly put down. Tony's is a book I always pick up with the intent to buy, but never get to it. So finally after several months of being out and getting great reviews on Amazon and other book markets, I decided to get it. And effing A Cotton, it was worth every penny. I know a good amount of anatomy, names, functions etc etc etc but Tony's book is an incredibly practical and really unique approach to learning human anatomy. Simply put, he asks us, the reader, to point out bones and muscles on our own body and explore their functions so as to fully appreciate their complexity and abilities. As artists this is a gem, an invaluable piece of artistic knowledge that no matter what level of anatomical understanding one has it will open your eyes. So, to everyone who reads this I highly suggest it. Its a great read. And besides, he gives a mean recipe on how to cook a leg of lamb in the first chapter ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So i'm in a Conan binge, reading the original stories that Howard wrote. Conan of Cimmeria is an interesting guy I tell you what. So I decided, as a fantasy artist, to do my first Conan piece. Now bear with me here. This is a very simple, portrait-esque image of him. My goal for painting is to shoot for a Rembrandt warmth and glow, using very earthy colors and impasto strokes and glazing and all that crazy shit (at least for the times) that Mr. Ran Rijn achieved. I think it works well with Conan too. So here is the finished drawing (might add some more details and minutiae in the paint stage). The photo reference was from the stock art of whose stock is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately right now I do not have the money to hire my own models nor do I know anyone who has the stature and build of Conan. So for the photos used, all credit goes to one Marcus J. Ranum whose site I linked. Without further ado, here's the drawing. A note however, the reddish pink tinge is a byproduct of the scanning process. I have no idea why it does it, but I really don't mind it in this case. That is the first finish, Jamierose however pointed out that his eyes look wonky and I agreed with her (after disagreeing with a million other things :p ) SO I redid his face, rescanned it, and the b/w one i the official finish. I made his scares more prominent and overall I think it just looks better.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tony DiTerlizzi

For anyone in the NY/NJ are, tomorrow the monstrously talented Tony DiTerlizzi will be present with co-creator and author of the Spiderwick Chronicles Holly Black at Book World in West Caldwell, NJ. They have a new Spiderwick coming out, which should be exciting, and Tony recently came out with another children's book written and illustrated by himself called Kenny and the Dragon which is probably crazy fun to read. Anywho, if anyone in there area cares to go meet them and have them sign your books I think this would be a great chance to do so. I'll probably go there with my kid brother. Just wanted to share the news with fellow budding illustrators and fans of the books.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smaller Jpeg

Of the lady in the water with magical lines drawing. Also thought I should mention I have made a plan to create 4 new pieces of art by November, in time for Illuxcon.