Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last Open Studio Sunday :(

Today marked the last time my group met for Sunday open studio before my move to San Francisco.  It was a bitter sweet afternoon as I have had such an incredible time working with everyone, growing and learning together, sharing many laughs, strengthening existing bonds and making new friends.  And while it's certainly not the end, this marks the definite closing of one chapter and start of another.  When I get some of the pictures that were taken I'll post them on here.  On a personal level it was really lovely to have been surprised by the group with a going away festivus complete with yummy food and a pretty awesome gift; Andy did a quick sketch of me drawing a couple months ago and everyone signed the mat...

Not gonna lie, I got a bit choked up.  This played all the right notes on my heart strings :)

Now onto some art.  I had a kick ass day!  These are more or less in chronological order from my favorite 5s to the long pose.

If any of my open studio mates are reading this, thank you all for a wonderful 8 months :)  Much love to you all.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More Caitlins

Worked with both Caitlins this week.  First painting was done on Thursday and the second one today at open studio.