Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finished painting (gasp)

Yes, a finished painting. Albeit its only 5x7 inches, but a painting's a painting. Its the head study from the last post. Clayboard grows increasingly more forgivable the more one adds paint to the surface, but it still manages to dry fast. There's a little smudge mark that got on her near the corner of her lip, I'll paint over it so its presentable. But this is the finish. I'm really happy with the paint application and the fact that it remains smooth, but the paint strokes are there and visible. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just a small 5x7 head study i'm working on. I'm going to finish it tonight at work. Its on clayboard which is a pretty interesting surface to paint on. It sucks up all the moisture and oil from every brush stroke I put down, which is really annoying. But the upside of it all is that its pretty dry to the touch within a couple hours. I did almost all the color work last night from about 11 to 1 in the am and I was able to scan it without it leaving any marks or wet paint on the scanner. The reference is from stock photo courtesy of I suggest checking her stuff out, she has a lot of cool photos for everyone to enjoy. Just an FYI- I'm not trying to follow the colors exactly, hence the really in your face purples. I'm working on another painting in the studio that I'll photograph maybe tonight or tomorrow. Time to go wash the obscene amount of pollen on my car, lest I die while I drive to work.