Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life Drawing: Robert and Zach

The drawing of Robert's hands were done as quickies on my way around the classroom several saturdays ago.  The second drawing was done today at open studio.  Twas a 40 minute pose on toned paper, graphite and white chalk.

These next few drawings are of model Zach.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life drawing: Caitlin

It has been very long.  Semester is over though, so I'm posting some life drawings I've done over the last few months.  These have been from either Sunday open studio or my saturday life drawing class where I sneak in a quick sketch while students draw.  I don't know how long most of these are so I'll guesstimate.  There's a lot of them so I'll post a few each day designated by model :)

Caitlin is a model I've only worked with a handful of times but her reputation as one of the best has been known to me for a few years.  I'm just a schmuck for not working with her sooner.

that new favorite charcoal after rediscovering it in the pile

no more than 15-30 seconds.  Just quickly added while checking the students

love me this gesture

these last four were all 1 minutes