Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is it folks! These three paintings I'm about to show you are the last three big paintings I have to finish for my portfolio to graduate art school. Its scary. But this week is going to be spent entirely on completing these paintings so I can make pretty prints to put into my pretty portfolio. So without further wait, I present my final three biggies.

1. Grandpa Wizard

This painting is a result of being asked if I could do anything else. I've come to be known as the fantasy guy in my class I guess, and since we've had mostly assignments all throughout art school, and not a lot of freedom to do what we want, I finally do what it is I want to get out of me and its fantasy. But mostly half naked guys and women to show off that I can do good anatomy. However, after probably only 3 pieces done that way, it became unfavorable. So Grandpa Wizard came as a result of my love for fantasy and the need to prove people wrong :) Its a different type of fantasy, but retains the element of fancy which makes it such a fun genre. Everyone loves it. So in the end that little push paid off big. This painting is almost finished. Also, this painting is a culmination of a lot of the short cuts and techniques I discovered in the previous painting I posted on the mountainside. Woodgrain is incredibly easy to paint quickly, and with more refinement and practice I'm pretty sure I'll have it down to a science and make it more believable.

2. Untitled as of yet

This painting I started last night...well actually I drew it last year. But I know how to paint now, so its come out of the vault of crap art I made last year and I'm making it into a portfolio piece. This one should progress quickly. FYI...the image quality is not the greatest on these pictures, so bear with me until I get the heavy duty D40 from school. Also my portfolio is going to be fully realized by saturday so I'll definitely post some goodies here.

3. As above, untitled until further notice

Moreso than the other two, the color is completely off here. Its in a cool temperature, swamp setting, not that obscene color. This painting, more than the others again, made me realize that painting small sucks. Probably because I still haven't fully grasped painting and technique, but rendering a head thats no more than an inch tall really is a daunting task and I commend the modern masters who pull it off well. But all in all I love this painting down to the mini palettes I have on the taped border.

Hope you all enjoy this. My next entry I might introduce some of the quickie techniques I've developed to zoom through rendering. Maybe my wood grain or hair. Stay tuned. Cheers!