Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is just bit of a preview of a couple paintings in the works. The first one is a small head study of my dancer friend Cara. I'm going for a somewhat tighter finish than I have attempted in quite a while with this one and it is currently on the second pass of paint. It is oils on a quadruple primed and blue tinted piece of really rigid cardboard.
This second painting is a bit larger, 20x30 inches I believe, and it is Cara once again. Her pose came as a result of one of those moments whilst checking my camera for settings or to check out previous shots and the model takes a lovely, relaxed, and perfectly natural pose without any direction from me. So I quickly shot it before it went away. This is a couple night's worth of work. I know the values on the face need to pushed a bit more than I have, but the light really is shining brightly on her in that shot. I'll probably glaze it back tomorrow and re-establish the hierarchy.