Sunday, October 14, 2012

homework paintings

Here are my first two paintings of pride for Still Life class.  Something is happening in my technique, and I'm liking it.

The vanitas one isn't the best quality photo, so I'll have to reshoot it eventually, but it has some areas of yumminess that need to be viewed in person.  I'll try shooting some close-ups that do it justice, especially on the skull itself.  The painting began on the pomegranate and worked its way counter clockwise almost.  I basically worked around so I could finish on the skull because, well come on now... its a freakin' skull!  In hindsight I regret using plastic fruits, and I guess in the grand scheme of learning I know now to just buy the real things and paint them.

The next one is more of an alla prima approach, which is what the weekly assignments pretty much demand.  My handling is getting better and I'm beginning to hit color notes quicker and with more economy.

This week's assignment is centered around painting glass.  When I finish that bad larry I'll post it on here as it is turning out quite nice.  Now time to finish my philosophy homework :)