Sunday, May 17, 2015


Not going to write a lot.  Going to be posting one finished image daily from school over the last year.  First one is a painting I did last Spring that got into the school's Spring Show and placed 1st in the MFA figurative category.  It was a major breakthrough piece for me that ultimately sealed my fate in terms of my thesis being about artists at work.  The subject is one of my best friends at school, the incredible artist Theresa Morgan, caught reading a book on the model stand with all her painting supplies out and about.  It was inspired when I actually caught her like this several weeks prior as I went to that room to chat with her as her class was cleaning up and leaving.  She was just waiting for everyone to clear out to begin her work.  The title of the painting is "Quiet" and it is 36"x24" oil on canvas.  Enjoy, and as always comments are welcome :)