Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So i uploaded my newly designed web page to the web. Its a bit boring and kinda conservative, but at least it looks professional in comparison to the color fiesta I had before. Its the same name as before, tejeraillustration.com i have to fix one link, the apollo and dionysus painting, as it is a bit on the non-working side. In paint related news, I spent about 4 hours working on the dragonflower painting, the bulk of which was spent on the head. Although i spent a tad longer than usual on one, small 2 inch area, I think I've come across my paint application style. Donato is probably my favorite painter and illustrator alive. I look at his work constantly and wish I could see it in person again and more often. Bouguereau is my second favorite "master" namely for his finesse and modeling of the flesh. I don't want to paint like either, don't want to be a Donato/Boug clone. And I think I've succeeded. Because even though I have Bouguereau paintings as well as Donato paintings around my easel/studio to look at for technique's purpose my own paint application has turned out to be much more painterly and loose, but handled with precision. I'm very happy! I think the next several paintings will be very crucial to the development of my technique (not to be confused with my style, i'm a realist). Expect a Lord of the Rings painting within the next couple months. Can't wait. Weeeeeeeee