Monday, March 23, 2009


I work the front desk at the museum from 5-10 in the evenings now. With all that time leftover and nothing to do except for the occasional classroom change, I use this time to draw. Tonight I flipped thru an issue of Aperture, found a really intriguing photo by Sybille Bergemann and proceeded to copy it into my sketchbook. This drawing is the kind of drawing I do that makes me sad I can't paint as well as I draw. Sometimes I want to take a break from drawing, so that my painting ability can catch up. I know its silly, and considering how much I have learned about painting in the 10 months since graduating, but I still get down on myself for that. But whenever I feel like this, a renewed vigor takes over me and I want nothing more than to prove myself wrong, which is what usually ends up happening. I have been a huuuuge slacker for the past month and change, I haven't accomplished much art, haven't been able to come up with any ideas. I'm kind of dry now, but I'm slowly coming out of it. Looking thru old sketchbooks I found a couple pages that had some interesting ideas that really drew me into reconsidering making them actual pieces. So we'll see. That phoenix piece I have in mind will definitely be completed. It looks sweet in my mind's eye. Without more ranting, here's the drawing of the photo :)