Monday, December 6, 2010

Not a whole lot

So this weekend I spent a good portion of my time medicated, fighting off a dastardly cold that decided to infiltrate my body at the worst possible time. Despite it's best efforts though, I still managed to get a lot of work done. I finished up a smaller painting, brought my cigar self-portrait to the final stage, and put the finishing touches on my final colored pencil/ink wash drawing. I'll keep it short and simple today, let the art do the talking.

This is the final for my colored pencil and ink wash piece. It has been an incredibly fascinating learning experience. Once I get my portfolio done, I'm going to explore this technique a bit more and personalize it to fit my stylistic needs.

Hands have always been a weak point, so this is a personal victory. Also learned that in painting my arm hair it is simpler to do it wet-in-wet as opposed to painting the skin first and then dry brushing the hair on. It feels more natural.

I know this is cheating, but I had no time or success (I really tried) in doing a small self-portrait this weekend to make up for first-friday self portraits. But I thought this would make an interesting replacement. A bit of a throwback to freshman year. The assignment was to appropriate a master work and make it our own. This drawing is based on Leo Da Vinci's "five grotesque heads" ink drawing. And it's five self-portraits in one. Huzzah!