Monday, May 16, 2011


It's been a while. Not going to talk too much today. I have a lot on my mind that needs sorting but here is my latest portrait in colored pencil and watercolor. There was some watered down acrylic use in this one as well as Prismacolor Color Stix. I definitely want to play around with them some more. It's 20" x 30" and the model is my neighbor Monique. She modeled for my painting class with no prior experience and it turns out she was so damned good I had to use her myself. So she came over and i was shooting away getting some more formal, traditional portrait style shots. While looking at the pics i happened a glance at her while she was waiting and playing with her hair, lifting it and letting it drop slowly like a cascading waterfall. Needless to say the muse struck, and this is the result. I'll have the more formal portrait up as well soon. Enjoy until then.