Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brand Spankin' New

Hello all. I am happy to say I have completed my largest painting yet. And while not that large in comparison to some really large realist paintings, this is big for me. It is 36" x 22" and I have plans to just keep painting larger. My posts will probably remain infrequent for some time to come as I finish up some portrait work, of which I plan to paint large :P Anyway, this is a painting of my friend and model Marisa who I have painted a bazillion times already. But according to her she has retired, if you will, from modeling. That or taking an extended break so she can find a big girl job. So I will not be painting her again for quite some time. I kind of liked this particular pose in evoking an emotional response in lieu of her leaving the modeling field. This is my homage to a muse. Enjoy! All criticism welcome and appreciated.