Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Fun fact: Stick your oil palette in the freezer. THe paint stays fresh longer, doesn't skin over, and is ready to use the next day and can stay wet for a loong time. How did I figure this out? Well I read Terese Nielson's blog, she mentioned keeping it in the freezer as a way to keep it fresh. I, for some time, had been keeping my palette for my intermediate painting class in my car all week. It hasn't been out of my car for about 3 weeks. Every time I've gone into class, my puddles of paint are pretty good, ready to use. Even the fast drying earth colors only had a very mild skin on them. So reading Terese's blog informed my unexpected experimentation. So since that I've been jamming my palette into my mini fridge in my studio. Works like a charm! I should try the clove oil she mentioned as well...

I've been working on a Bouguereau copy. One of his studies of a head for a painting. Its almost done. I'll most likely have pictures up soon, I'm quite proud of it.

BREAKING NEWS! My brother just saw a ghost in our basement. We were watching the G3 concert Dvd downstairs before, taking a break from painting (me) and homework (him). My mom asked me to go cook spaghettis, so I paused the dvd and andy turned off the lights and the tv, and all that. So whatever. Literally about 5 minutes before I began typing this he calls me, I go and i hear the music playing, so I'm like meh, I don't feel like going downstairs. he comes up, and he tells me he just saw a ghost. I stare at him with a face saying "you're full of shit" but he says he went downstairs, he thought i was watching the DVD because it was. Now remember, I heard the DVD playing loud when I went to see why he called me. He then said he went to get his airsoft gun (he felt safer with it, so let him be) and as he rounded the corner to see if I was there, he saw a figure turn and vanish. Creepy! Especially since my studio is RIGHT THERE and I'm a night person. I'm going to be pooping in me pants tonight :)