Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday Self-Portraits

So I decided that every first friday of every month, I'm going to post a self-portrait. It may be in the form of a fully realized painting, a one day oil painting, a quick sketch, drawing, whatever. So to kick start this whole thing, I painted myself yesterday over a previous failed self-portrait. I blocked it in quickly the night before after finishing up the day's work on a portrait commission and then worked on it yesterday. All told, it took about 7 hours give or take. Its oil on canvas mounted on masonite. Looking at it now there's a few areas that could have been approached better, so I may go back into it once its dry later on in the day and touch up some areas. This was officially the first time I used my new palette of colors, inspired by Chris Pugliese's beast of a palette after watching him paint at Dorian's. I don't know which colors he uses exactly, I failed to ask. But Brilliant Pink, Turquoise Blue, and Cinnabar Green are my new best friends. Enjoy!