Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pan Pastel experiment 2

Sorry for the delayed post. I'm behind two, hehe. This is my second stab at Pan Pastels. Love this stuff! Model is Marisa who I have used before and is probably the most recognizable face in my work. Good friend, great model! Enjoy!

Here I lightly mark in her gesture and proportions

Blocking in larger masses

Continuing to refine, did her face in pretty much one shot no looking back

Close up of her face

Almost done

Not the best picture, but this is the finished result. I left it in my studio for a few days without looking at it saying I'd come back to it. When I did go back to it, I realized there wasn't much I should do, so I'm calling it done. Very happy with the results.

For your viewing pleasure, a bonus image of Marisa. This is a small 5x7 inch study I did as part of a class I'm taking at work. THe instructor is Robert Kogge and he developed a fascinating technique using colored pencil on raw canvas. Here's my first attempt at it, only I went ahead and added oils. The softness of the colored pencil on canvas is completely lost when I applied the matte medium to seal the surface. But I tell you what... it makes for one helluva great underpainting. I was able to bring all the color back and some in no more than 45 minutes.