Sunday, March 27, 2011


I probably have mentioned on my blog at some point in the past that my best friend passed away 5 years ago on March 7, 2006. It was a hellish time for myself, never mind the tumult of pain, anguish, and suffering his family felt. I had always wanted to create an image that would make me happy as an artist and at the same time memorialize Danny. Yesterday was the Danny Wust Scholarship Fund dinner where I presented his family with the portrait. He and I were fantasy and sci-fi geeks as kids and we spent countless hours playing out scenarios we imagined, always with his younger sister meeting some unfortunate doom because we couldn't save her in time. So without further wait, here is the final painting and a close up.

The painting is oils on paper on masonite and is 18 x 24. I did the drawing and mounted it in class as a demo to show them the Donato technique. For information on how to do, here's a link:

This next drawing was done at Dorian's open studio a couple weeks ago. The model donned an Alice outfit and it was an incredibly beautiful pose. I came ready with gessoed panel and paints so I can bang out a nice painting. For some bizarre reason the paint would not adhere to the surface properly and it was utter disaster. But this drawing came out beautiful, and so it wasn't a total failure.