Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not dead yet

I've been gone from the blog scene for some time now. Busy with work and portfolio and all that jazz. Here are two progress shots of my current pieces that I'm actually having fun working on, which is something I haven't had the pleasure of in quite a long time. The first one is for a class I'm taking at the Yard School called Realist Painting. I think I may have mentioned the technique before but Robert Kogge, our instructor, specializes in a unique method he developed over time using colored pencil and ink or watercolor washes. This is my third piece done in this technique and the first large scale one as well. It's 24" x 30" colored pencil and water color on canvas. You may recognize the sitter from a previous post when I documented my student's work. It's Alex Piccirillo, the master pastelist who was the original instructor of the class until health problems made it hard on him to teach both afternoons and evenings on the same day.

And here's a close up. It's a bit difficult to photograph work done this way, but it's not that bad. Colors are a tad off

And here's a surprisingly quick and thorough 5 hour block in I did on Sunday from the same photoshoot. This one really captures Alex, plus I just love oil paints :P