Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Dump 1

Art Dump part one. No I haven't been lazy or too busy for work, just too busy to post online. First is a little snap shot of my studio space. Second is a small 8.5 x 11 oil on canvas board using a photo form deviantart that i'll have to link to eventually, just know its not my photo. Did it in a night. Third is a just a piece of canvas paper that I used to practice eyes and eventually just started playing with impasto strokes and doing wet in wet glazing. Very tricky, but really funny. The two color charts are based on Richard Schmid's instruction. The first one is the nicer looking one, using the photos of his own color charts to measure my own values against his. It looks darker, but it is pretty close, and I added some of the colors I use normally along with his own palette. The second one is my original palette that I did on my own without any reference it how it should look. And last was a 5 hour portrait painting from life that I did of the daughter of a family friend. Getting better at painting from life! Didn''t finish her eyes though, so she'll be sitting for me again. Part two coming up.