Monday, April 19, 2010

New works

So I've been keeping moderately busy with art. I began experimenting with copper as a ground. Its very interesting. Initially I prepared it using liquin impasto after sanding it down a bit for some tooth. I painted my brother Andy. It came out really nice and a lot of my fellow coworkers and artists thoroughly enjoyed it, even have a tentative commission! However... it was pretty much impossibly to add extra layers to finish the painting because any bit of solvent just completely destroyed the underlying paint layers. So I just, begrudgingly, scratched off the paint and prepared it the old fashioned way with denatured alcohol and garlic (i know, weird). This painting is last nights efforts on that ground and it feels so much better, oddly enough. I want to keep practicing. I think the painting got too tight for my towards the end and I lost some of the bravura that the first painting had, PLUS I really want to capitalize on the reflective surface and keep the shadows more transparent instead of as opaque as they are here. Otherwise, I'm happy with how this came out.

The skull is borrowed from work, its a real one too. Its almost done. The two drawings are just weekly head studies I do at the art school when I can sit in on a class here and there. The male head, Vinnie, was done in 30 minutes and I wish I could paint him, but alas I have to work :( The female head is the lovely Cheryl and I did her in 20 minutes. She's an evening model so I'll probably do a 3 hour oil sketch on wednesday. Thats all for now folks!